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Broome Tri Club is excited to announce the most isolated Virtual Tri Series in the world (we think)!

The virtual triathlon allows you to be an athlete on your own time at your own pace, observing safe distancing.  Indoors or outside.  Day or night.  On a stationary bike and a treadmill or on a trail. In the ocean, a lake or pool. You can do the legs all at once or broken into one leg per day.  You decide. That’s the beauty of virtual racing – swim, bike and run where you want and when you want. Anywhere in the world! Regardless of your familiarity with triathlon or your fitness level, anyone can participate in the Broome COVID-19 Virtual Triathlon Series.

The Series will run in the time period of our usual Broome Tri Season – from May to September. There will be one race planned every 3 weeks, unless restrictions are lifted, and we can replace the final race with the Pivital Cable Beach Triathlon:

  • May 1 – May 7

  • May 22 – May 28

  • June 12 – June 18

  • July 3 – July 9

  • July 24 – July 30

  • August 21 – August 27

  • September 11 – September 17

In this Series you will compete against yourself in each race. You will record your time for each leg, but your aim is to improve your times each race. After the second race, we will display a Leaderboard with all participants’  percentage change after each race, not the actual times recorded. The prizewinners will have the greatest percentage improvement over at least 4 races in the Series.

The following options are offered, and you must nominate your option when you register.


Enticer: Swim – 375m ~ Ride – 10km ~ Run – 2.5km

Sprint: Swim – 750m ~ Ride – 20km ~ Run – 5km

Olympic: Swim – 1500m ~ Ride – 40km ~ Run – 10km

This is an entirely online swim, bike and run event. Virtual triathlon allows for anyone — with any level of experience — to compete in a triathlon at their own pace. Do the distance all at once like a traditional triathlon or break it into one leg per day. As long as you can measure your time and distance with a smartwatch, GPS-enabled device or phone, you can send your individual leg results to the Broome Tri Club (

Prizes will be awarded on your individual percentage improvement over the Series, and on participation.

Entry categories will be as follows:

  • Primary School (must be accompanied by responsible adult)

  • High School

  • Open

  • Masters (over 50 at 22 April 2020)

Participants must take part in at least 4 of the 7 races to be eligible for prizes, which will be awarded on your individual percentage improvement over the Series, and participation in the races.

To take part, you must:

  • be registered (

  • adhere to the Race Rules

  • adhere to any additional Government Advisory regarding COVID-19 safety

  • complete your chosen distance legs between the first and last day of each race

  • submit your individual leg times by midnight on the last day of the race by email to or through the form on the Broome Tri Club website (

Each competitor must read the following to ensure the safe running of the race. Standard Triathlon Australia competition rules apply (a copy can be found at


2. You are responsible for your own safety, the safety of your own equipment and be considerate of the safety of others.

3. Primary School entrants must be accompanied by a responsible adult on all legs.

Swim legs

  • A competitor may use any swimming stroke for propulsion through the water. It is permissible to tread water, wade or float.

  • There is no provided water safety for the race. We advise ocean swimmers to swim where and when the beach is patrolled.

  • Wetsuits are optional. If a wetsuit is worn it must not exceed 5mm.

  • The use of snorkels, fins, gloves, paddles or floatation devices of any kind are prohibited

  • Competitors must not use gloves or socks. Swimwear must not cover the hands, feet or neck; including but not limited to compression socks/sleeves, with the exception as outlined in 1.1.0. (2.7.c) Full rules at

Cycle legs

  • Bike helmets are compulsory. Please ensure you are wearing your helmet, done up, when you enter transitions. Helmets must meet the following specifications:

    • Your helmet must be approved by a recognised testing authority (e.g. Australian Standards Certified) Alterations to any part of the helmet are not allowed. This included, but not limited to, any alteration to the manufacturer’s chinstrap, and the addition or removal of an outer cover.

    • Helmets must be undamaged

  • All competitors must carry breakdown spares for the cycle leg.

  • Roads are not closed and not physically controlled so be aware of other users including vehicles, pedestrians and other bike riders.

  • You must heed, give way and communicate your presence to all other road/path users.

  • There will be no drafting

  • It is the responsibility of the person passing to pass safely

Run legs

  • You may walk, run, skip or hop

  • Please take care crossing roads

  • Use marked trails and footpaths where possible

Suss out the correct size before registering...


August 4, 2020


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